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αρχιτέκτονες Θεσσαλονίκη
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Interior Design


ZSArchiTects is a company, whose base is in Thessaloniki, found in 2008 and active as far as the designing and construction of buildings. Its experience is gained through projects such as residential spaces, shops, offices and other industrial buildings.


OUR TEAMαρχιτέκτονας μηχανικός

The companies’ team includes a multidisciplinary group of experienced architects, engineers, designers and technical staff, forming an organised network of partners, whose ambition is to accomplish any challenging design.

INTEGRATED SERVICESαρχιτέκτονας μηχανικός

The aim is an integrated approach to each project, which begins from the architectural design. The starting point is the representation of the side views, followed by the decoration of the interior spaces and last but not least to the furniture design, giving to each space a unique character.

THE GOALαρχιτέκτονας μηχανικός

The goal is not only to provide high quality of services, at any level to the user, but also to respect the environment. ZSArchiTects design, decoration and architecture, is capable of creating functional and inspired spaces in Thessaloniki and all over Greece.